About Us


Flags for the Fallen Foundation was established in August of 2019 by Allison Rylant, formerly Peck, an Air Force Veteran. She wanted to do be able to do something to give back to the veterans that she was able to do in her down time, and that wasn’t too time consuming. But what she didn’t expect is the tremendous amount of support she would gain for her idea she had to start this foundation. Since the concept of the idea, she has worked fiercely to bring her idea to fruition and get it started.


Allison’s inspiration came from her friend Chuck, who is still in the Air Force, who had been getting into some organizations such as Mission 22 that helps prevent suicide in veterans. As a mother of two with a full time job (as if having twins isn’t already a full time job), Allison was not able to commit enough time in something like Mission 22 like she would like, so she decided to go with something else that she could do in her free time.

The Idea

It is pretty common that on Memorial Day, some organizations put out flags for the veterans in their local cemeteries, but it is not particularly as common to put them out year round. A veteran is always a veteran, not just on Veterans Day or Memorial Day. So Allison’s idea was to start this organization to be able to keep a flag on our veterans’ graves year round, and not just on Memorial Day. This may be a simple concept, but it is very powerful.

“Every veteran deserves at the least a flag. They gave their mind, body, and some their lives for that flag, so the least they should get is one on their grave.”

-Staff Srg. Robert L. Ashford, 101st Airborne Vietnam

So that is what we do. We are honoring the memory of our veterans by placing a 4x6 flag on their grave year round. We are so thankful for their service and their sacrifices they made for this country.